February 28, 2020

Pubg Lover Loott

PUBG : Get 130 UC + 4 Classic crates @20rs Requirements: Google acc with 140rs discount offer. You can get the offer again on previous 8100 UC loot accounts. Step 1: Connect to ISRAEL/UAE Vpn (Express/UAE tried) Step 2: Disconnect the VPN when you see the offer Tab near Events menu Step 3: Proceed to Pay using 140rs discount. You’ll have yo pay only 20rs. [[[Trick to use net banking to pay only 20rs]]] As there’s no Google play GV for 20rs, You’ll have to pay with other methods. Step 1: Open Pockets app Sign-up, note down the username from SMS & Create password using forgot password. Step 2: use any UPI app to send 20rs to pockets.YourRegisteredMobileNumber@icici . This will add 20rs to your pockets account. Step 3: in offer purchase page, click ICICI NetBanking & Use User ID & Password to login and pay. You can buy this offered pack once a day. So use it for next 4 days to get 650 UC + 20 crates at 100rs only.

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